Our journey began several years ago with a vision of technique development and improvement through the use of superior field hockey training devices.  We ultimately produced several prototypes, always honing our craft and constantly asking ourselves to be better.  To Learn.  To improve.  We wanted products that taught superior ball control, vision, possession, elimination, and the importance of offensive circle play.  To offer goods and services that a global community can easily utilize for a collaborative initiative to grow the sport – Together.  To share Ideas, insights, thoughts, hopes and even dreams on the way.  It is our mission to help athletes, organizations, teams, coaches, and businesses who all share the same passion for the sport as we do.  We also recognize the journey together is a long one which is not measured in weeks or months but in years.  It’s also built on three ideals ROAR™ holds dear – Trust, Respect, and Integrity.  Skill development is difficult if not impossible to attain quickly.  It takes a long term commitment of sacrifice and dedication.  An unrelenting pursuit of improvement which requires physical and mental limits to be expanded.

If you’re motivated.  If you’re excited.  If you want to experience all that TEAM ROAR™ can offer, then spend some time on our website getting to know us and our services a little better.  If you like what you see, then contact us and be heard…

ROAR™ Global Partners


It will not be possible to reach our goals for growing the sport without significant interest and involvement from global companies and organizations.  From professional athletes to experienced coaches who understand, execute, and teach the proper skills for achievement and advancement.  We consider your involvement as mission critical to our cause.  Be heard and contact TEAM ROAR™ today and learn how valuable our partnership can be.


The StikStak® / FHTD1000®


ROAR™ HoCo, has developed a revolutionary field hockey training device for field hockey players, coaches, colleges, clubs, and organizations who want to gain an edge on the competition.  The StikStak® / FHTD1000® creates a unique and realistic training environment by replicating the stance and various stick positions a defender may employ on the pitch allowing an accelerated advancement in essential possession and elimination skill sets.  Get yours today!

STIKSTAK by ROAR Hockey Company
STIKSTAK by ROAR Hockey Company
STIKSTAK by ROAR Hockey Company