ROAR™ HoCo is a small developing company with a global footprint.  We are dedicated to the relentless pursuit of self improvement.  With a US Patent and International IP Rights around the world we are always interested in partnering with athletes and companies that share the same dedication and values. 

FOR ATHLETES:  If you’re an athlete interested in joining our global team please send us a detailed summary of your field hockey accomplishments, asperations, goals, and how your involvement in the sport can bring a positive change to the world.  Send your documentation in an email to for us to review!

FOR COMPANYS AND ORGANIZATIONS:  ROAR™ HoCo is always searching for global partners who want to share and contribute to the growth of the sport through the use and distribution of innovative products.  Team ROAR™ is specifically interested in establishing business/distribution partners in the following countries: Argentina, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, France, Germany, Greece, Spain, Ireland, Canada, UK, India, Spain, Wales, South Africa, Scotland, Portugal, New Zealand, Japan, Indonesia, Australia.  Email ( or schedule a meeting with us today to learn more about our company and to discuss how a partnership can be mutually beneficial!    

Be sure to check out our SHOP page for immediate smaller quantity purchases, and our ORDERS page for bulk or team orders placed through your club or organization.  A perfect way for athletes, organizations, and coaches to take advantage of large orders – especially for those outside the USA!  Discounts offered!