Taylor West signature FHTD1000®

USA Field Hockey National Team and TEAM ROAR™ sponsored member, Taylor West has created her own unique FHTD1000® for your training environment!  Train with the exact same devices Taylor West uses to focus and sharpen her skills!  Don’t forget to add training sticks to your order if needed!  TEAM ROAR™ suggest 1 standard and 1 reverse training stick per device.

The FHTD1000® creates a unique and realistic training environment by replicating the stance and various stick positions a defender may employ allowing an accelerated advancement in critical possession and elimination skill sets.


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  The only one of its kind designed by USA Senior Team Member and TEAM ROAR™ sponsored athlete TAYLOR WEST!

With the FHTD1000® from ROAR™ HoCo, The Advantage Is Yours®!

Note: The FHTD1000® requires standard field hockey sticks to function as intended.  You may also purchase training sticks directly from TEAM ROAR™