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With The FHTD1000®

  • Develop precise stick skills for a competition advantage.
  • Learn elevated 3D ball control for exceptional elimination and circle play tactics.
  • Experience a superior team training environment and off season skills program.

With the FHTD1000® it is easy to place sticks on the field in game like tackling angles and it provides a challenging training environment for athletes while developing their technical skills, especially for elimination and 3D skills training the FHTD1000® will be a very helpful tool. And while your players focus on their skills execution you are able to coach and instruct. Tjerk van Herwaarden - Head Coach, Harvard Field Hockey

"TEAM ROAR™ has designed a unique, easy to use and valuable device to help provide our student-athletes with a competitive training environment. Using the FHTD1000® is beneficial for individual as well as team sessions” Kaitlyn Wahila, Head Coach - Ithaca College

"The FHTD1000® from ROAR™ creates a more lifelike field hockey defender opposed to using standard cones. This helps me as a coach to construct dynamic drills and create game-like situations that allow our players to maximize their skill level." Jessica Lanham, Head Coach - St. Mary's College of Maryland

Unlock your true potential by training with the FHTD1000® from ROAR™ HoCo!

Enhance your teams presence on the pitch and experience a skill growth transformation!

Let ROAR™ HoCo help create a superior developmental program, camp, or clinic for you today!

Muscle Memory

Develop muscle memory more efficiently allowing rapid skill advancement.

Vision and Awareness

Accelerate your vision and awareness recognition.

Drills & Techniques

Create realistic drill environments that will hone and advance your techniques.

Circle Play

Align 3D circle play objectives with results.


With the FHTD1000® from ROAR™ HoCo, The Advantage Is Yours®.


Increase mission critical possession time frames on the pitch.

Your #1 field hockey innovator.  Let ROAR™ help you reach your GOALS!

The ROAR™ Hockey Company makes it easy for field hockey players of all skill levels to utilize the FHTD1000®.  Increase your mental acuity and develop your maximum performance potential by strengthening continuity between training and competition.  You’ll see direct results and improvement by training with our devices!

ROAR™ HoCo has field hockey programs covered as well!  With packages specifically tailored for organizations who need multiple devices for team training environments.  Need more than the standard offered?  Yes, we can do that!  Custom colors?  Of course!  Have questions? contact ROAR™ HoCo directly – and let us know how we can serve you.  By helping you reach your goals, we’ll reach ours!

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Custom stick packages.  Bring continuity to your team or organization with our custom stick options.  COMING Spring 2022 (testing is currently ongoing).

Bulk 100% fiberglass sticks available for youth programs – coming soon!


field hockey sticks

The FHTD1000® – the future of training is here.  Customize your color selection and get one or more shipped today!

field hockey fhtd1000 training

Training sticks for your FHTD1000®.  Don’t have any extra sticks available?  Want to have the ultimate training experience?  These sticks from ROAR™ HoCo will provide the perfect complement!

field hockey training sticks

Taylor West signature products!  Taylor has designed her own signature FHTD1000® – add them to your cart today!  

taylor west field hockey
field hockey shins guards

Competition Sticks by ROAR® – coming soon!

ZENJI STICKS – “Think Buddha with a lightsaber.  Yes, that good…”

KOKORO STICKS – “Mind, Body, & Sprit – a perfect complement to your game”

KATABATIC STICKS – “None can withstand the KATABATIC…”

field hockey gloves

Padded Defender & Striker gloves.  Rash guards & Shin guards.  Comfort meets protection! molded together.

field hockey apparel

The Advantage Is Yours® with  FHTD1000® / ROAR™ HoCo apparel! 

field hockey products

ROAR™ Field Hockey balls are now available in our shop!  You wouldn’t play a match with deconditioned balls, don’t devalue your training or critical practice time with them! Order replacements today!

Interested in partnering with TEAM ROAR™?  Want to join our global initiative and offer our products and services through your business?  We can’t wait to hear from you!

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