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The Advantage Is Yours® – Your journey begins with our vision of providing unparalleled field hockey training experiences.  Our products and methods will increase your skill and elevate your confidence on the pitch.

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ROAR™ HoCo is a company that recognizes sacrifice and dedication are the foundations of success.  In this endeavor, we share your hopes, dreams, and the never ending pursuit of self-improvement.  The idea of a continuous sprit of positivity and change which brings a greater awareness to the sport is only part of the equation.  Through a united global collaboration, our mission is provide a network of information, products, and experiences which will shape and grow the sport for decades to come.  It is our vision this will indirectly instill a greater reflection of positive growth in the athletes, organizations, coaches, support groups, and fans that call the sport home.  With this is mind, ROAR™ HoCo will never sacrifice customer satisfaction for profitability.  If you have a comment, question, or complaint, please email me directly.  I may not respond to every email but I will review and appropriately address each one.

James Schutt                                             

Director, The ROAR™ Hockey Company.

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We have everything you need to enhamce your field hockey training today!


TEAM ROAR™ is capable of complementing your field hockey program, camps, and clinics with a full array of StikStak FHTD1000® training devices.  We can also supplement, provide assistance, or serve as a consultant for your next event.  Let our experience and acumen provide comprehensive drills, tactics, and strategy sessions while creating a fun, exciting, and challenging environment for your athletes.  Age appropriate topics include skill assessment & correction, importance of circle play, mission critical possession concepts, pressing advantages, shot execution, 3D elimination, plus much more.  Ask how TEAM ROAR™ can elevate your camp, clinic, or program today!


Launch winter 2021!  A comprehensive Individual assessment and developmental training plan is available from TEAM ROAR™.  Be heard with in person or online sessions at our state of the art training center.  Discover how TEAM ROAR™ can grow your individual skill and mental acuity.  We can supply a complete training program or help you develop a particular skill set – it’s all about you!  Contact us today to learn more!

Are you a field hockey athlete that’s interested in sponsorship opportunities with TEAM ROAR™?  Contact us today and tells us your vision for growth and development.  How can field hockey help bring a positive change and awareness to a cause that is meaningful to you?  Include a summary of your on and off field accomplishments.  We can’t wait to hear from you!   

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Interested in learning how a partnership with ROAR™ HoCo will increase productivity, growth, and success?  Contact us today to learn about global partners and organization discounts.  By helping you reach your goals we’ll reach ours!